Merge Duplicate Applications

How do I merge duplicate applications?

The Binti Support team can merge duplicate applications. Please have the following information available to complete a merge:

  • Names (as they show on the applications to be merged) or Family ID / RFA# / License #.
  • Which application you wish to remain as the primary application.
  • If any duplicate applications house an email address that you want to be used in the primary application, they will also need to know this.
  • If your Agency has a CWS CMS Home ID, the Home ID that should remain should also be identified.

What happens when I merge an application?

All information from duplicate applications will be merged into a single application of your choice (including documents).  Percentages on the application dashboard will automatically adjust to reflect this merge of information. 

Applicants are not affected by this merge unless their login email is modified. Otherwise, when they next login, they will only have access to the merged application.

When should I merge an application?

Generally, it is best to merge when there are multiple applications in the "Recruiting" or "Applying" tabs.

It is also possible to merge a closed application with a new application. This allows all historical information to be housed in the same file. However, if you decide to merge, there will no longer be a record of the family in the "Closed" or "Withdrawn" tab. If it is important to maintain the delineation between each licensing period, do not merge the applications.

How do I know if there are duplicate applications?

The Applicant Data page will display a notice when the address or phone number of a caregiver matches another application. At this time, we do not provide proactive notices about duplicate applications.

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