Caregiver Application Email Notifications

This article is about email notifications for caregivers

If you are looking to manage agency worker email notifications, please refer to the Agency Worker Email Notifications article.

What are caregiver application email notifications?

Caregiver application email notifications are automatic email notifications sent to applicants, other adults, and references throughout the application process in Binti. Certain notifications are customizable as described below.  

Which application email notifications are customizable?

The following email notifications can be customized during the launch process or by contacting your Customer Success Manager.

 Notification Description Example (click to enlarge)
Welcome Email for Applicants
  • When a caregiver self-registers or is added to Binti via intake, a welcome email is generated.
  • The welcome email link will stay active for 6 days.
  • This email provides a link to set a password for their account. The language in this email is fully customizable.
Email Campaign (Bulk Email)
  • Customer Success Managers can send ad hoc emails upon agency request.
  • Emails are fully customizable and delivered to families based on their status (Recruiting, Applying, etc.).
  • Emails can include text formatting, hyperlinks, embedded images and file attachments.
Drip Email
  • Our Technical Account Management team can configure reminder emails as part of the application template; reminding applicants to come back to Binti. 
  • For example, emails may be sent 15, 30, and 90 days after the initial application is signed.
  • There are no limits to the number of drip emails that can 


Which application email notifications are not customizable?

The following email notifications use standard language and cannot be customized.

 Notification Description Example
Welcome Email for Other Adults
  • Welcome emails are immediately generated for other adults added to Binti by caseworkers via Intake Family OR when an applicant adds an Other Adult via the application portal.
  • Includes a link for Other Adults to create their account and password.
  • The link in this email expires after 6 days.
Welcome Email for References
  • Welcome emails are immediately generated for references added to Binti by caseworkers via the References page or when an applicant adds a reference via the caregiver portal.
  • The secure link in this email is valid until the reference is complete.
Application Reminders for Applicants
  • Applicants receive a reminder every 7 days of inactivity, up to 3 times.
  • Agency Workers can click “Send Reminder Email” on the Applicant Data page to send a reminder email.
Application Reminders for Other Adults
  • Other adults receive a reminder every 7 days of inactivity, up to 3 times.
Expiring Supporting Documents
  • Applicants receive a reminder 60 days and 30 days prior to expiration of a supporting document with expiration tracking enabled.
  • These emails are automatically recorded in Case Notes for the family.
Reference Reminders
  • References receive a reminder to complete their form every 8 days until complete.
  • Applicants and Agency Workers can prompt additional email reminders to References.
Password Reset
  • A password reset email expires 6 hours after sending. 
  • If a password reset link is expired, the applicant can select Forgot Password from the login screen or contact Binti Support.


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