Background Check Exemptions Report

What is the Background Check Exemptions report?

The Background Check Exemptions report collates data on background check exemptions across an agency. The following information is displayed:

  • ID (numerical ID assigned by Binti)
  • Name
  • Household Role
  • Application Type
  • Background check(s) requiring exemptions
  • Worker Assigned
  • Agency
  • Outcome
  • Notes
  • Author

Who has access to the Background Check Exemptions report?

Agency workers with admin level access are able to access the report using the Reports tab in the navigation bar. 

Is data exportable?

Yes, data from this report is exportable to a CSV (Comma Separate Value) format using a download link at the bottom of the page.


Column in CSV Corresponding Field in Exemption Process Step of the Exemption Process
id N/A - this is a numerical identifier for the exemption N/A
Name Name of Applicant or Other Adult N/A
Background check(s) requiring exemptions Records marked as requiring exemptions on the Background Checks page N/A
Notes The Notes field on the exemption decision page Step 6
Author Agency worker who created the exemption in Binti by clicking “New Exemption” N/A
(CA only) Exemption Type Exemption Type Step 1
Start date Date Exemption Started Step 1
Notification date Date Individual Notified Step 1
Response date Date Exemption Response Received from Individual  Step 1
(CA only) Is required for child Is this exemption required to approve a home for a specific child?  Step 1
(CA only) Is relative of child Is this individual a relative of that child?  Step 1
(CA only) Is child tribal member Is that child a member of an Indian tribe?  Step 1
Decision date Decision Date  Step 6
Outcome Exemption Decision  Step 6
Is limited to specific child Is this decision limited to a specific child in care? Step 6
Worker assigned Worker Assigned Step 1
Agency Agency of the individual that requires an exemption N/A
Role Applicant, Co-Applicant or Other Adult N/A
(CA only) Ethnicity Ethnicity of the person the exemption is for Step 1
(CA only) Income Income of the person the exemption is for Step 1
Decision Made By Individual who made the exemption decision  Step 6
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