Change Child in Home to Other Adult

Binti sends an email notice to assigned approvals worker when a child in the home (not placed by your agency) turns 18 years old. In order to maintain proper documentation, the child record should be deleted and the individual should be added as an Other Adult.

How do I change a child to an Other Adult?

To change a child to an Other Adult, you must delete the child record and add them as an Other Adult. The following steps outline the process.

Step 1: Download historical documentation (if applicable)

If your agency collects Supporting Documents for children in the home, download those files from historical applications. The files can be re-uploaded to the Miscellaneous/Other Documents section at the bottom of the Documents page.

Note: If you are unsure if your agency collects this kind of documentation, contact Customer Support for additional information.

Step 2: Delete child record on Edit Children in Home

Important: Ensure that you have completed Step 1 if applicable, as deleting a child record will delete all documentation related to that child.

  1. Navigate to Edit Children in Home page.
  2. Click "Remove" for the child you want to delete.
  3. Click "Submit" to confirm you have downloaded documents and want to delete the record.

Step 3: Add a new Other Adult

  1. Navigate to Edit Application.
  2. Click "List Another Household Member" under the Other Adults section.
  3. Enter required information, setting the Date Joined Home to the day of the child's 18th birthday.
  4. Click "Save & Send Request" to complete.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who receives notice about a child turning 18?

The assigned approvals worker(s) will receive an email notice. Support workers do not receive a notice.

When will I receive notice of a child turning 18?
Binti sends the email notice on the exact day that a child turns 18 (including weekends) at 9AM Pacific Time.
How many times will I receive this notice?
The notice is only sent once.
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