Recruitment Sources Report


The Recruitment Sources report aggregates data on how caregivers learn about your agency. This can help inform recruitment and retention activities for prospective caregivers. It includes a graph, corresponding data table, and CSV download option based on applicant responses to "How did you hear about us?"

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How is data from this report populated?

Data for this report is sourced from the question, "How did you learn about our agency?" Caregivers answer this question during the self sign-up process. Alternatively, if a caregiver is manually added to Binti, an agency worker can answer this question on the Edit Application page.

What recruitment sources does Binti track?

The report will display user selections for the question, "How did you learn about our agency?" Depending on the category chosen, one or two sub-questions may be presented to gather additional information. 

Overall Category Sub-question 1 Sub-question 2
  • Bus ad
  • Bus Stop or Shelter ad
  • Billboard
  • Mail advertisement/brochure
  • Online advertisement
  • Television
  • Radio - AM/FM
  • Radio - Internet Radio
  • Agency hosted event
  • School activity/event
Internet Search N/A N/A
I'm a relative or family friend of a child involved with the foster care system
  • In my state
  • In another state 
  • In another state (state selection dropdown)
Social Media
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Other
Transferred from another agency
  • Agency name (open text)
Word of mouth
  • Church or Faith-based organization
  • Referred by another foster parent
  • Agency Recruiter
  • Other
  • Referred by another foster parent - Name of foster parent (open text)
  • Agency Recruiter - Recruiter name (open text)
  • Other - Please explain (open text)
  • Please specify (open text)
I'm not sure N/A N/A

Who has access to this report?

This report is accessible to users with admin permissions in the Licensing module.

How do I read this report?

This report is comprised of two parts: a bar graph and data table. 

Bar Graph

This bar graph shows how many applicants came from each recruitment source. The recruitment sources are listed along the bottom (X-axis) of the graph. The number of applicants is shown on the side (Y-axis). Only recruitment sources with at least one applicant are included.

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Data Table

The data table shows how many applicants indicated each recruitment source, broken down by overall category (Option 1 column) and sub-question 1 (Option 2 column). A third column displays the total number of applicants that indicated each recruitment source.

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Note: The data table does not display sub-question 2. This data is available in the downloadable CSV file.


What does "Blank" mean?

"Blank" appears as the recruitment source when the question, "How did you hear about our agency?" has no been answered. You can resolve this by selecting an answer to the question on the Edit Application page.

How can I filter and sort this data?

This report includes a start and end date filter, allowing you to compare recruitment sources over time.

What data can I export?

A CSV download is available for this report. The download includes the following data points.

Binti generated application ID.
Binti generated or user generated (depending on agency settings) family ID.
Date of inquiry
Date of inquiry for the caregiver.
How you heard 1
Response to Overall Category for "How did you hear about our agency?"
How you heard 2*
Response to Sub-question 1 for "How did you hear about our agency?"
How you heard 3^
Response to Sub-question 2 for "How did you hear about our agency?"
How did you hear about
us details
Displays entry from open-text question.

* "Transferred from another agency" and "Other" will not populate in this column because they are open-text. Entries will be displayed in "How did you hear about us details".

^ The only data which will populate this column is "In another state (state selection dropdown)"

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