Binti Walkthrough (for Applicants)


Application and My Documents

  • Click "Application" to return to the stage where more work is needed.
  • Click "My Documents" to download and save your forms for personal records.

Need Help?

  • Contains contact information provided by your agency.
  • Once a worker is assigned, their contact information will appear here.

Applicant Name

  • This dropdown menu includes options to change email preferences, sign out, and switch between applications.
  • If you are also a reference, you will also see that reference here.

Select Language

  • Toggle between available languages if the agency offers multiple language options.

Application Timeline/Stages

  • Displays the stages of the application process.
  • You can navigate between completed stages by clicking the stage name.
  • You cannot move to the next stage until the current stage is complete.



Video Walkthrough

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