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About the Help Center

  • This Help Center is available at all times. When logged into Binti, you will find the link in the footer at the bottom of every page. The Help Center link is also available from within the Chat tool (bottom right-hand corner of your page).

Training Videos

Please watch our full-length training videos here:


Logging into Binti

Go to https://family.binti.com and enter your email and password, or if your agency uses SSO login click "Sign in with agency SSO", select your agency from the list, and follow the prompts.

If you do not already have an account, please let your manager know; they can create an account for you. You can also email us at help@binti.com and request an account be created, but please cc your manager so that they authorize this action.


Your dashboard at a glance.

Your dashboard view will be different depending on the role assigned to you in Binti. Please click your role below for an overview of your corresponding dashboard:

Approvals Team Dashboard

When you log into Binti as an Approvals worker, this snapshot will be the first thing you see. The numbers indicated in the picture are explained below it.

  1. Initials Case Load
    • Click into your assigned families in the Initial Application by clicking the blue hyperlinks
  2. Renewals Case Load
    • Click into your assigned families in Renewal Process by clicking the blue hyperlinks.
    • View Overdue Renewals and Expired Documents of cases assigned to you.
  3. Universal Search
    • Use the universal search function to find a family who is applying with your agency or county, but may not be assigned to you. If you only remember the first few letters of the family’s name, you may enter them in and it will pull up all applicants with the letters entered.

  4. Applications:
    • Drop down menu to select Application types (Applications, Conversion, Referred Out of County/ICPC) See next image for the Application's Dashboard.

This is the Application Dashboard. The numbers indicated in the picture are explained below it.

  1. Status tabs
    • Navigate through applications with different statuses by changing tabs.
  2. Add Filters
    • Toggle between All Cases in the agency/county, and your own cases
    • Filter by name of Applicant or Other Adult
    • Worker Assigned, Supervisor, and Manager of Supervisor
    • Family ID / RFA# / License #
    • Select "More Filters" to see more options to filter applications for a specific search.
  3. Actions
    • Applicant Data: Applicant Info, Application History, Application Summary
    • Edit Application: Edit Applicant information, add adults, children, change status, etc.
    • Edit References: Add or remove applicant references
    • Agency Forms: Forms that are to be completed by the case worker
    • Case Notes: Log pertinent information for the case
    • Documents: All Applicant Forms, Supporting Documents, Agency Forms, etc.
  4. Download CSV
    • Download a spreadsheet report of the cases represented in the tab you are currently in.

Placements Team Dashboard

When you log into Binti as a Placements worker, you are taken straight to the Placements Dashboard, which isn't necessarily what you may be looking for. You can use the blue ribbon at the top to navigate to what you may be looking for. Each button's is explained briefly below, and is explained in more detail in the Placements article. Click directly into that article here.

  1. Users: Dashboard of all Agency Workers
  2. Children/Youth: Dashboard of all Children/Youth entered into Binti.
  3. Intake Child: Add children into Binti by completing this form.
  4. Placement Searches: Open, close, edit placement searches and filter for families who would be a good match for children/sibling pairs.
  5. Placements: View, edit, update current placements.
  6. View training requirements that families have and have not completed.
  7. View and generate reports associated with the Placements module.

For more information on how to navigate through the Placements module, please click here.


How to search using filters.

From the top blue ribbon, click Applications > Applications to go to the Applications dashboard.

On the far right, you’ll see a button labeled “Add Filters.” Select this to show available filters.

  • Assigned to: Toggle between "All Cases" and "My Cases"
  • Applicant or Other Adult name
  • Worker Assigned, Supervisor, or Manager of Supervisors
  • Family ID / RFA # / License #
  • More filters: additional filters that you can utilize appear when you click "More filters"

After selecting your desired filters, click “Filter” at the bottom of the drop-down menu.

*Note: you can adjust your view by selecting the number of results per page.



How to find a family's application

You can search for an application using a few different methods introduced in the Approvals Team Dashboard section above. Click here to go to the Approvals Team Dashboard.

If you’ve tried all of the above and are still not locating the application, it’s possible that you’re not assigned to the application and do not have the correct permissions to view an application that you’re not assigned to. It’s also possible that the applicant may be under a slight variation of their name, or that they're not yet entered in our system.

If you’re not finding an application and you need to view it, please contact Binti Customer Support by using the chat icon (bottom right hand corner) or help@binti.com. We can help by doing an additional search through our system for the applicant to make sure they're in Binti.

If you’re not assigned to the application but you need to view it, you’ll need to request to be assigned as a worker on the application. Please ask your Supervisor or other team members that can assign applications for assistance, or email help@binti.com with your supervisor CC'd.

If you’re not assigned and you do not want to be assigned but you need to view it, you can also talk to your Supervisor about requesting an update to your permissions so that you can view all applications. They’ll need to reach out to our Support team to update this. Please have them contact Binti Customer Support by using the chat icon (bottom right-hand corner) or help@binti.com.


Updating Email Notifications and Other Contact Preferences

After logging into Binti, look for the Contact Preferences button at the top right hand side of the web page. Click on this link to update your email notifications, color-blind preferences, and your contact phone number.Contact Preferenceshouses the types of notifications you would like to receive as well as your Contact Info. The following settings can be changed here:

  • Assignment notifications
  • Status change notifications
  • Form completion notifications
  • Renewal notifications
  • Binti notifications

Binti will automatically set notifications based on the type of worker as shown below.


At any time, you can visitContact Preferencesand change or add the types of notifications you wish to receive.

YourContact Preferencespage will look similar to the following (but will differ slightly based on your Agency and worker types).The last item on the page isContact Infowhere you can add your phone number & allow this to be visible to your families assigned to you.



Using an updated browser for the best Binti experience

Binti works best with Google Chrome, but whatever browser you use should always be up to date to ensure optimal Binti performance. 

Click the link below to find out what browser you are using and it's update status:



What can I do if I have questions that weren't addressed in this help article?

If you have any other questions, please feel free to email us at help@binti.com, send us a chat using the chat icon (bottom right hand corner), or give us a call at 1-844-424-6844.

Follow the link below to schedule a training webinar for a specific module:

Monthly Training Webinars

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