Editing an application

To edit an application, locate the application that needs to be updated in the Applications dashboard, hover over the Actions hyperlink in the right-most column, and click on Edit Application. If you do not know how to find an application, please click here and review the Approvals Team Dashboard and the Applications dashboard. If you have any of the quick questions above, click the link to navigate to the instructions in the article below.   


How do I assign/un-assign a worker to an application?

Locate the application that needs to be updated in the Applications dashboard, hover over the Actions hyperlink in the right-most column, and click on Edit Application.

From Edit Application, scroll down to the sections for "Worker Assigned" of the application. (See image below)

To assign:
Begin typing the name of the worker who you'd like to assign to the case.
Please note that you can only assign workers who already have an existing Binti account to applications.
To unassign:
Click on the (x) next to their name to remove the worker from the application.

Once you're done assigning, or un-assigning, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and click on "Update Application" to ensure your changes save.

Your assignment sections may look slightly different because of settings that can be unique to different agencies.

Editing App.png


How do I edit the Co-applicant or Other Adults in the Home?

Adding a Co-applicant

From Edit Application, scroll down to the section: Number of applicants. Change the number to 2. Fields will populate below for the co-applicant's information:

Adding a Co-Applicant.png


Removing a Co-applicant

At this time, only Binti support can remove a co-applicant. Please contact us by using the chat icon (bottom right-hand corner), or via email at help@binti.com.

If you request this via chat, please expect a delay (but still same-day service) in completing this task because Customer Support has to manually move items over when this is needed.



Adding Other Adults in the home

From Edit Application, scroll down to the Other Adults section which asks: "Is the number of other adults in the household known?". This question is automatically set to "Not Known":



You must change this answer to "Yes" no matter how many other adults are in the home - even if there are none:



If there are no other adults in the home: scroll to the bottom of the page and click Update Application.

If there are one or more other adults in the home:
click List Another Household Member.




Add the person's first and last name, and an email address if you would like them to be able to access their forms through the Binti portal. Click Save & Send Request.




Repeat this process for all other adults. To finalize, you must scroll to the bottom of the page and click Update Application.



Removing Other Adults from the home

From Edit Application, scroll down to the other adult that you need to remove and click on the trashcan icon to the right of their profile icon and name:



To save, click Update Application at the bottom of the page.




How do I add an email address for an applicant?

As a security measure, Binti was originally set-up to only permit Binti staff to edit email addresses. Binti currently only allows workers to enter email addresses if they don't already exist.  If an email address doesn't exist, that field is open for you to add to under "Edit Application."


If an email address does exist, you can view it under "Applicant Data" but it will not be an editable field.  Binti customer support can change an applicant's email address upon request from the applicant using the original email address listed on the application, or upon request of the worker assigned.



How do I add or edit the phone number for an applicant?


Binti now validates phone numbers for applicants and co-applicants. This ensures that contact information for the key people on the application are real numbers. Once a country code is selected, Binti will ensure that a valid formatting follows. Binti defaults the country code to the US, but you can change this if needed. For US numbers, Binti also validates that a known and true area code has been entered. 

Additionally, you can edit and add multiple phone numbers for applicants and co-applicants. Phone numbers can be categorized as: mobile, home, or work. There is also a note field for optional use. There is no limit to how many phone numbers you can add.  Older phone numbers can be marked as inactive, and with multiple numbers, one can be marked as the primary phone number.

In the future, we plan to enable the ability to text foster parents via Binti - this is our first step in collecting mobile numbers.


Adding & Editing

In the Approval Module: Locate the family and go to "Applicant Data" under the Action dropdown menu. In the Phone Number field, click the blue hyperlink for “Edit”. You’ll see the following fields: phone number, type, and notes. You’ll also see a box that you can click to “Add Another Contact Number”

If you need to edit or add an additional number in the future, just click on “Edit” again.

In the Placement Module: Locate the family and go to View Placement Information under the Action dropdown menu. Then follow the same steps as above.



Primary Number

If there is more than one number, you can choose which is the primary number, as a simple way to identify the best number for the family. This will be the phone number that appears in CSVs


Active vs Inactive Number

If a number is no longer active, you can click to make it inactive. This does not remove/delete the number, but does alert you that this number is no longer active. You can reserve this simply by clicking the button again to mark as active. We do this so that you can keep a record and cross check for any outdated numbers in any other documentation you have.



Do users receive an email to complete their forms? How can I re-send an email to a user?

As soon as an email address is added into the system, the user will automatically receive an email from Binti letting them know they have documents to complete. To learn how to re-send, navigate to the user type below.


If you need to re-send a welcome email to an applicant, you can do so by going to the "Applicant Data" page and clicking on the checkbox that says "Send Password Reset" as shown below. If an applicant has previously received the Welcome email another way to resend a link is with the password reset button. This allows the family to receive a link directly to the email tied to their application, even if they chose not to change their password.



Other Adult

If you need to resend a Welcome Email for another adult in the home, you can remove their email from the application, then click "Update Application" to save the change. Then go back into Edit Application and re-add the email, and a new welcome email will be sent out.


OR ask the primary applicant to log in and click "Send Reminder" from the applicant portal.



If you need to re-send a welcome email for a reference user, you'll need to go into Edit References (instead of clicking into Edit Application), and click on the "Send Reminder" hyperlink to re-send the invitation to the reference.



How do I change the status of an application?


In order to change the status of an application, your Binti account will need to have been set-up with permission to change status.  If you follow the steps below and the area is grayed out, you don't have the permission assigned to your account and we (Binti Support) will need permission from your Supervisor in order to change your permission.


To change status:

From the application dashboard, go to Actions (last column on application dashboard) > Change Application Status > Within the Application Status box:  Update status from drop down > Add Date and Any other mandatory explanation fields > Update Status.


If you are trying to approve an application, all items showing on the application dashboard need to be showing green check marks to indicate they are complete.

If you need to approve an application without all required items, you'll need to contact the staff at your agency that has approval override permission.  (If you don't know who this is, Binti Support can look that up for you.) 

If you are a staff person that has approval override status, follow the same steps to approve an application.  When you click on Update Status, you'll be taken to an approval override screen that will ask for additional information prior to selecting Update Status.


Change App Status 1 Actions.png

Status update selections include: 

  • In Renewal Process
  • Approved
  • Denied
  • Closed (Post Approval)
  • Inactive


After updating the status, the change is recorded. This captures the worker that made the change, previous status, date, and reason as seen below:


Change App Status 3 Ex.png


Updating an application's status can also be done from the Applicant Data page. From this page you'll see the Change Application Status button. Afterwards, the steps will be the same as if accessing from the Actions function.






How do I edit/change an approval date?

To change the approval date, you must first ensure you are on the correct application in Binti. The first application a caregiver completes with an agency is labeled "Initial Application". Once that is approved, a caregiver is licensed and must renew after a certain number of years. Each subsequent renewal is represented as its own application in Binti. Follow the steps in the interactive walkthrough below to change an approval date.

Once you have edited an approval date, the history table on the Change Application Status page will reflect the update. The new approval date will be used in reports and CSV downloads and training will regenerate from the new date. 


Important Note: Renewal dates on existing renewal applications will not update. You can change those dates manually via the Edit Application page.


I'm trying to close a case and can't because it says there is a child in the home. What do I do?

This error occurs because the Child Info section on the Pre-Approval Placements tab hasn't been answered, or there is an open placement in the home.

Please navigate to the Pre-Approval Placements tab (via the group of buttons in the top right of the screen) and answer the first question, then click Submit:



If you answered "no", you should be able to proceed to the Change Application Status tab and close the home. If you answered "yes", you will be prompted to answer more questions about the child and placement. Please click here for our full Pre-Approval Placements tutorial.


If you're still having trouble updating the status of the application, there is one more place that you can check to see if there are still open placements in the home. Go to Applicant Data, scroll down below Application History to Historical Child Placements Provided.


If all placements in this section have been ended please contact Binti Customer Support by using the chat icon (bottom right hand corner) or help@binti.com for further assistance.


There is more than one application for a family.  How do I fix that?

Currently Binti Customer Support needs to make these changes.  Please contact Binti Customer Support by using the chat icon (bottom right hand corner) or help@binti.com.

Customer Support will merge the applications.  Unless otherwise directed by the Agency, Customer Support will default to the primary merged application being the application with the most information. All information from both applications will remain, including case notes and completed documents.


What can I do if I have questions that weren't addressed in this help article?

If you have any other questions, please feel free to email us at help@binti.com, send us a chat using the chat icon (bottom right hand corner), or give us a call at 1-844-424-6844.

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