Viewing application progress in Binti

Can applicants see what I'm working on?

Applicants can only see forms that they have worked on.

Applicants cannot see anything the Agency has worked on (other than signatures on applicant forms). They cannot see case notes, Agency forms or anything the Agency has uploaded. The only exception is an Agency Form that requires the signature of an applicant which is made visible to the applicant for that purpose only. Applicants also do not have access to view reference forms or forms that other adults in their home have completed.


Can I see what the applicant has worked on?

Yes, you can see what the applicant has worked on.

To get a general idea of how much the applicant has completed, you can locate their application in the Applications dashboard and you’ll get an estimated percentage of how much the applicant has completed from there. On the Applications dashboard below, you will see the percentage for how much of the application has been completed, including their applicant forms and supporting documents that they’ve uploaded.


To view in detail what the applicant has completed, you can head over to the Documents page for the application (Dashboard > Actions > Documents) and review the Status column to see what has been completed. In the Documents page below, you can review what has been completed. In the examples below, we can see what Supporting Documents have been uploaded by the applicant because it’s marked with a green check mark. Those documents that still need to be uploaded appear as a white circle (incomplete).



Forms that have been completed and signed by all applicable parties will appear as completed with a green check-mark.

Forms that have not been completed/signed will have a white circle in place of the green check mark as a way to easily understand that it's still incomplete.


Can I receive notifications about what an applicant has completed?

Yes, you have the option to select which notifications you would like to receive email notifications for by editing your Contact Preferences in the top blue tool bar. Click Contact Preferences > scroll down to the box, "Form completion notifications" > check mark the items you want > Update User.


How can I view what I still need to work on for a specific application in Binti?

To find what still needs to be worked on for any given application, first you must locate the application.

Once you have the application pulled up in the Applications dashboard, you can take a look at the column labeled Agency Forms to see if you have any forms to work on.


Hover over the Actions hyperlink in the right-most column, and click on Agency Forms to access the forms that you/the agency needs to complete for this applicant.

From here, you can complete and sign any forms that still need to be worked on. You'll be able to see the progress of the forms using the following as a guide:

  • Any forms that appear with a green check mark have been fully completed and signed.
  • Any forms that appear with a fully blue circle have been completed, but still require a signature.
  • Any forms that appear with a partial blue circle have been started, but are still incomplete.
  • Any forms that appear with a white circle have not yet been started and are fully incomplete.

You can also view your progress from the Documents page (similarly to how you view your applicant's progress), by just scrolling down to the Agency Forms section.

From here, you can download any forms (completed or not), and upload forms, if needed.

Similarly to the Applicant forms, you'll be able to easily tell which forms are completed by looking for a green check mark, and which are incomplete by looking for a white circle.



Where can I find a history of what's been done on an application?

You can view what's been updated and worked on for an application in the Applicant Data page.

Find this by locating the application. Once it's located, go to the Applicant Data page. From there, scroll down to the Application History section for a review of the history of changes made.

The Application History section will include changes made by agency workers, the applicant, references, other adults, and even Binti agents.



Household progress can also be shown by clicking on the following link from the Applicant Data page:


How does the "Days Since Signed" column get updated in the Applications dashboard?

This column is auto-populated if the applicant completes the initial application online.

(The Days since app signed column only correlates to the initial application's signed date & that days since app signed carries over to the renewal.)


If the applicant does not sign online, go to the application dashboard and locate the application you need to add the date to manually.

Go to Actions and then click on "Edit Application". From there, scroll down to “Date application signed” and enter the date signed as shown below. Then click “Update Application” at the bottom of the page to save your changes. You will now see the date in the “Days since app signed” column on the dashboard.




The chat bubble is covering the Actions button on the Application Dashboard.

If your Actions menu is blocked by your Help/Chat button (screenshot 1), check your the zoom settings of your browser (screenshot 2).

Screenshot 1


Screenshot 2


The zoom settings of your browser, should be in the dropdown menu to the right side of your web address bar (screenshot 2 above).

Click on the minus sign ( - ) to reduce your Zoom.  We recommend a 75% setting.

As soon as you change your Zoom setting, you should have better access to your Actions menu.


What can I do if I have questions that weren't addressed in this help article?

If you have any other questions, please feel free to email us at, send us a chat using the chat icon (bottom right hand corner), or give us a call at 1-844-424-6844.

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