I'm listed as an Other Adult in the home of an applicant

What do I have to do?

When you're listed as another adult in the home, you receive an email letting you know this, and you'll be prompted to Get Started and create a password to log in.


Once you set up your password, you'll be able to see all that you have to complete. Please note that the requirements for other adults vary per agency, and may look different than what you see in the below example.


You'll just need to click into each form to begin filling in your answers to the questions.

You'll be able to track your progress via the Progress column on the right of the form.

  • A completely white/gray circle means that the form is totally incomplete and has no progress.
  • A partially blue circle means that the form has been worked on, but isn't fully completed yet.
  • A fully blue circle means that the form has been fully completed but hasn't yet been signed.
  • A green circle with a check mark means that the form is complete and signed.

If you're having trouble completing the forms, please visit our Support article here: Completing forms. If you're having trouble signing the forms, or need a walkthrough on how to do that, please visit our Support article here: Signing my application.

The steps to sign a completed form are the same between an applicant and other adult in the home.


I'm trying to sign a form and it's not loading or I'm getting an error.  What do I do?

Try refreshing the page first, and then try again. Note also, that the application that we use for e-signing is most compatible with Google Chrome, so if/when at all possible, please try and use Google Chrome when signing forms. Click here for an article that walks you through how to e-sign the forms.

If you continue to have trouble e-signing, please contact Binti Customer Support by using the chat icon (bottom right hand corner) or help@binti.com.  We can reset the form which should allow for you to sign. Please note that with a form reset, it will require the parties that signed prior to sign again. 


What can I do if I have questions that weren't addressed in this help article?

If you have any other questions, please feel free to email us at help@binti.com, send us a chat using the chat icon (bottom right hand corner), or give us a call at 1-844-424-6844.

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