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Documents and Agency Forms

Forms overview (Video)


How do I download documents?

Go to the application dashboard and locate the application you want to download a document for in the Applications dashboard.

Next to the family you want, hover over "Actions" and then click on "Documents".

Look for the document you are trying to download and click on the hyperlinked name of the document in the “Document” column.  This will populate the document in a new window where you can view, download, or print.


If you don't see the form name linked but instead see Download Incomplete PDF, click on it and it will populate in a new window where you can view, download, or print. 

(If you see Generate Incomplete PDF, click on it and it will turn into Download Incomplete PDF.)


You can download all documents in an application by selecting “PDF of Documents”, which you’ll see at the top right-hand corner of the Documents page (above the Applicant Forms section).

When you select "PDF of Documents", it will create a document of all of the most current versions of documents that the applicant and agency have completed and/or uploaded, including documents uploaded to the "Other/Misc Documents" section.

For example, this applicant has several versions of the Application.  The PDF of documents is only going to show the versions uploaded Jan 4, 2024 because they are the most recent versions of the document that were completed/uploaded.

If you want to view, save, and/or print previous versions of documents, you will need to click on each of those versions to view, save or print.


How do I upload a document into an application's record?

In order to upload a document, you'll first need to locate the application that you want to work from.

Once you have the application pulled up in the dashboard, you can hover over the Actions tab in the rightmost column, and click on "Documents". 

From that Documents page, you'll have access to view all forms that need to be completed for the application to be approved, and each of these forms will have an "Upload" button.


You're able to upload most file types that are images (such as .jpg or .png), documents (such as .doc), and .pdf files.

Please note that other file types may cause issue when you later attempt to download a .pdf of all documents (including .html or .zip files, which are NOT supported).


An applicant form shows it is 100% complete, but it still appears incomplete.

Below is an example of what you might be seeing. This means that the form has been filled out and signed by the applicant, and it still requires the signature of a case worker. Go to Agency Forms and scroll to the section "Applicant Forms Signed by Caseworker and/or Supervisor" to find any applicant forms that require your signature.

Documents page:


Agency Forms page:


After you have signed here, it will be marked complete on the Documents page.



I have a large file with all the applicant's forms.  How do I break that file up into smaller pieces and upload each document to the designated areas on the Documents page?

We will use the following example to explain how to accomplish this.

I have a 79 page file with 22 different applicant forms.  Each of these 22 applicant forms have a designated upload area on the Documents page (example: Caregiver Application, Release of Information, SAFE Questionnaire, etc.).

Once you have your 79 page file open, right click on the document & select "Print."


Selecting "Print" will open up the following screen where you will want to select "Save as PDF" from the Destination menu.  Select your page range.  (For example, the Release of Information is pages 2-4 so those are the pages I'm going to place in the "Pages" field.)  Select "Save."



Selecting "Save" will open up the following screen where you will want to select your File Name & save to your computer.  (You can repeat these steps for however many documents you want to save separately from your large file.)  Need help uploading these separate documents? Visit How do I upload a document into an application's record?



How do Expiring Documents work in the Supporting Documents section?

Binti can track expiring documents as well. When a document is uploaded by an applicant or other adult in home which has an expiration date, Binti will ask for the expiration date. Sixty days and 30 days before a document expires, the family will get an email notice with a link to their
Binti account so that they can provide an updated document. Workers can also upload documents
with expiration dates for their families, and will also be able to track expiring documents from
their Homepage. (All information below is fake data.)

View for Case Workers:


View for Applicants:



I'm trying to open a document but is asking for a password.  What do I do?

Most likely this is because the person who uploaded the document password protected it. I'd reach out to whom ever uploaded the document (applicant or worker) to inquire into access. Or ask the person to reupload the document without asking for a password. 


I'm trying to work on an Agency form but can't access it.  What do I do?

Most likely this is because a document has been uploaded to that Agency form spot on the Documents page.  Any time a document is uploaded on the Documents page in an Agency form spot, it will block the form from being editable on the Agency Forms page.  

Should you need to keep the document uploaded to that Agency form spot (on the Documents page), download it to save it to your computer and upload it to Misc Docs section for safe keeping.

After it is saved, click delete next to the document in the Agency form spot so it opens up the form to be completed on the Agency Forms page.


I'm trying to sign a form and it's not loading or I'm getting an error.  What do I do?

First step that you can try is refreshing the page and clicking the "Sign for..." button again. The platform that we use for e-signatures is most compatible with Google Chrome, so if/when at all possible, please try to use Google Chrome when signing any forms.

If these troubleshooting steps do not help, please contact Binti Customer Support by using the chat icon (bottom right hand corner) or  We can easily reset the form which should allow for you to sign. Please note that with a form reset, it will require all parties that signed prior to sign again.  (We apologize for this inconvenience.)


Where in Binti do I go to begin filling out forms for the application I'm working on?

When you have forms that you need to complete for an application, first you'll need to locate the application.

Once you have the application pulled up in the Applications Dashboard, hover over "Actions" on the right-most column in the dashboard, and click on the "Agency Forms" button. 


If you're already in the application, you can also access it by clicking on the Agency Forms button right next to the Documents button. The menu below will always be available just under the blue ribbon at the top of the page when you are already inside an application.


Agency Forms is where you fill in any agency forms that need to be completed before an approval.

From there, just click on the title of the form that you need to complete to begin filling it out.

Please note that your forms may look differently than those in the below example. Hover over the title of the form you need to update. It will become a hyperlink that you can click on to begin filling out the form. For more instruction, see the next question in the article, How do I fill out Agency Forms?



How do I fill out Agency Forms?

Entering information into the forms

The Agency Forms page will look something like the image below. The names of the required forms will vary by agency, but the steps to complete them will be the same.

1. Click into the form you want to complete.
2. Enter the requested information and click the blue 'Save and Continue' button.

If you do not know all of the information to complete a section, click Save and Continue and Binti will save the information you have entered. A blue pie chart will indicate that there is still more work to be done for you to return to later.

Green check mark: Complete
Blue pie chart: In progress
Grey circle: Not started

Once all circles have a green check mark, you will be brought back to the Application Forms page, where the document will be prepared for you to electronically sign.


E-signing the completed forms

When a form is ready to be signed, a blue button that says "Sign for [Case Worker Name]" will appear under the title of the form. Click that button to open the e-signature document.

There are currently two platforms used to enter your e-signature. Please look at the images of each platform's headers below and read their corresponding instructions.



If the header of the e-sign platform looks like this, please follow these instructions.

  1. Draw or type your signature in the top right box and then click "Save my signature".
  2. Click Next in the top right corner to navigate to the part of the form where you need to enter your signature (or scroll down the form manually on the left side.)
  3. Click "Sign here" under the box with blue and white stripes to enter your signature into the form.
  4. After you click "Sign here" a blue Accept button will appear in the right column. Click Accept to save you signature and finalize the application.



If the header of the e-sign platform looks like this, please follow these instructions. 

  1. Click 'Get Started'.
  2. Click the box that says 'Click to Sign' and choose a signature option drawn or typed.
  3. Click the 'Insert' button at bottom.
  4. Click 'Continue' button in the top right corner.
  5. After all signature fields have been filled in, click the 'I Agree' button in the top right corner).


I'm looking at a renewal application (in process) but need to see the approved applications' documents. Where do I find those?

There are two ways to access documents from previously approved applications.

From the current application

You can access the documents from the previous application by going into the Documents page and clicking on "Documents for Previous Application." Please note that this will take you to the page for the application immediately preceding the application you're currently viewing.



When there are multiple approved applications

The preferred way to access prior documents when there are multiple approved applications is to go to Applicant Data, scroll down to "Other applications for this family," and choose which application you want to see documents for. Then click "View Applicant Data" OR "View Documents."



What can I do if I have questions that weren't addressed in this help article?

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