Case Notes

How to add a case note to an application.

Go to the application dashboard and locate the family that needs a case note added. Next to the family you need to update, hover over "Actions" and click on "Case Notes." At the top of the page, select “Create New Case Note.”


Fields required to log a new case note are “Date”, “Case note type”, and “Case note” (description). Once you’ve completed all the required fields, please select “Create Case note” to record the note.


You will be able to see all case notes at a glance on the “Case Note” page.


What are the case note types?

Case Note types will help keep your notes organized by differentiating the reasons why you are entering a case note. For example,  for families still in Recruiting status you can track your "Next planned contact" by adding this case note type. The date of next contact entered in this case note type will reflect on the Recruiting dashboard under "Date of next contact."


How can I print case notes?

From your application dashboard, search for the family you wish to print case notes for, click on Actions > Case Notes > right click on page > Print OR select Ctrl and P on your keyboard. You may also create a CSV report by clicking the Download: CSV button below the case notes.


If you have a family that has several pages of case notes, changing the filter by number of pages allows you to pull more case notes per page when printing. The options can be changed from 20, 50, or 100 notes per page:




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