Background Checks

How do I add a background check log for my applicant?

There are two ways to add a background check:

Applicant Record

Locate the applicant record, click the BG Checks button shown below.

If you take this route, you'll be able to easily select which background check should be filled in, and the status of the background check. Please be sure to also add the date otherwise the status won't save:

BG Checks Page.png


Background Check Log

Alternatively, you can select "Caregivers" from the blue ribbon at the top of the Binti webpage, then select "Record Background Check". To add a new background check, you'll need to select Background Checks then "Complete Background Check Steps":

Reports BG Check.png

From there, you'll be able to log multiple background checks for one adult at a time.

Record Background Check.png


How to delete Background Checks

The Background Check log also allows you to edit/delete a previously entered background check. Workers can update their own background checks by selecting the edit button.

BG Checks Log.png


Adding a filter allows users to search by adult names, specific background check, and or the completed date as shown below:

BG Check Filter.png


Why is there a question mark under Background Checks for my applicant(s) in the dashboard?

You'll see a notice stating, "Confirm household members," in the Background Checks column when the question, "Are there any other adults in the household?," is answered "Not Known". Binti calculates the number of background checks required using the total number of adults in the household.

Here's how to fix this issue:

  1. Navigate to Actions > Edit Application for the family you are working with.
  2. Scroll to Other Adults
    • If there are other adults in the household, select Yes and enter the requested information.
    • If there are not other adults in the household, select No.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Update Application to save your changes.

Once the above steps are complete, the notice will be replaced with the total number of background checks required for the household.

Why is there an N/A under Background Checks for my applicant(s) in the dashboard?

N/A will now show for a renewal that doesn't require new background checks (based on our product's team knowledge that by default, background checks are only required for initial applications or when an other adult joins the home).

Does this intended behavior (N/A for renewal BG checks) make sense for you and your Agency's tasks associated with BG checks for renewals?  If not, please reach out to us so we can ensure we are making the product work correctly to meet your needs.


Why can't I approve a home? I get an error message that "A background check has failed?"

When any background check has been marked as either "There is a hit, needs review to see if exemption is required," "Completed, non-exemptible crime," or "Rejected / Not Found" then this will block an application's approval.

If you try to approve an application with background checks with any of these statuses, you'll get an error message until the status of the BG Check has been resolved.

If the background check is reviewed and found to be exemptible, then please be sure to update to "Complete, exemption required," and follow the steps in the next question to move forward.

Otherwise, if the background check remains as "Complete, non-exemptible crime," the home will not be approvable. 


Why does the dashboard show that an exemption is required under the background check column? How do I resolve a background check that requires an exemption?

When a background check status has been marked as "Complete, needs exemption," this will generate the exemption requirement for that background check. The exemption should be completed by a lead or supervisor who is authorized to grant exemptions.

When an exemption is needed, the background checks will look similar to the one below in the dashboard:

Exemption Need - App Dash.png

The authorized personnel who can grant exemptions will need to click on the "Needs exemption" hyperlink from the dashboard. This will lead them to the below page, where you'll need to click on "New Exemption" to add in the exemption.

Exemption - New.png


Is there a report to view how many background checks my agency has done in a specified period?

In order to view all the background checks done in a specific time period, you'll need to navigate over to the blue ribbon at the top of the page, and select Reports > Background Checks.

   Reports BG Check.png

From there, you'll be able to filter by the type of background check, and click on "More Filters" to add the date range you're looking for.

BG Check Filter.png


What are the rules for the BG checks feeding into the RFA 02 document?

BG checks will appear individually on the RFA 02 as soon as they are logged into Binti.


What can I do if I have questions that weren't addressed in this help article?

If you have any other questions, please feel free to email us at, send us a chat using the chat icon (bottom right hand corner), or give us a call at 1-844-424-6844.


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