Barriers to Licensing Report

What is the Barriers to Licensing report?

The Barriers to Licensing report provides data on the length of time each step of a caregiver application. It assists agencies in recognizing and resolving issues that can lead to delays. By leveraging the data provided, agencies can strategically enhance and simplify the steps of the licensing process.

For parent agencies collaborating with partner agencies, the report also conducts a comparative analysis of results between these agencies. This analysis enables parent agencies to identify operational strengths and weaknesses within the network of partner agencies, empowering them to make informed decisions about improving overall efficiency.

How does this report support process improvement?

The Barriers to Licensing report allows you to accomplish the following:

  1. Identify Lengthy Steps: Review the data to identify steps in the licensing process that are consistently taking the longest to complete.

  2. Target for Improvement: Once identified, steps become focal points for targeted process improvement initiatives.

  3. Collaborate with Partner Agencies: For agencies with partner organizations, leverage the comparative analysis to identify shared challenges and opportunities for improvement across the network.

  4. Enhance Process Efficiencies: Using insights from this report, agencies can make informed decisions to enhance overall process efficiencies and reduce approval delays.

What data does this report display?

This report displays the average duration, starting time, and ending time of each step in the application process. The following steps can be displayed in the report:

Total Time to Approval
Number of days between inquiry and approval
Applicant Forms
Number of days between inquiry and the last applicant form being completed
Supporting Documents
Number of days between inquiry and the last supporting document being uploaded
Number of days between inquiry and orientation completion (either online or offline)
Number of days between when the first reference is added in Binti and when the last required reference is complete
Number of days between when the first initial training is entered to when the last initial training is completed
Background Checks
Number of days between when the first background check “request step” is set to “requested” to when the last received background check on the application has an end status (complete no exemption required, complete non-exemptible crime, not found/rejected, not applicable/not an emergency)
Caseworker Forms
Also known as Agency Forms. Number of days between the first data entered in an agency form and when the last agency form is completed
Home Study
Number of days between inquiry and when the Home Study/Written Report/Family Evaluation is completed

How do I read this report?

When first loading the report


Definitions for the categories in the report table are as below:

Requirement Group
Step of the licensing process (categories listed above)
Time Period
Primary - the time period which you would like to examine data from
Comparison - the time period which you would like to compare to the primary time period
Start Day
Which day, with day 0 representing date of inquiry, did this step start
End Day
Which day, with day 0 representing date of inquiry, did this step finish
Total number of days that a requirement group took on average
Number of Applications
The number of applications that were factored into calculations

How do I compare data between partner agencies?

To compare data between partner agencies, select the 'Partner Agency' tab at the top of the report.


What filters are available for this report?


What data can I export from this report?

A downloadable CSV (Comma Separated Value) file is available for this report. The CSV includes the following information:


Who do I contact with questions about my data?

If you have questions about this report, please send a message to your Customer Success Manager and


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