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Reports Overview

Approvals Reports

Note: You can ‘Add Filter’ for many of these reports to take a closer look at specific data.

Case Loads

Table with clickable breakdown by worker of assignments in Initials, Renewals, and Conversions. This is where the homepage is pulled from. 

CSV export available

Public Website Analytics


Line graph shows visits to the site and how long a visitor remained on the site.

Only for those with Binti supported public website

Recruiting Progress

Bar graph and table that shows the current status of community applicants (recruiting, applying, approved, etc).

Numbers are clickable

Team Performance Report

Automatically shows the last full month of approvals by team. 

2 tabs: one showing ALL members of team and one showing supervisors. 

You can see worker, supervisor and manager. There is a clickable portion that allows you to see approved, renewals complete, withdrawn, denied, closed, new assignments, avg. days between placement & approval and avg. days between signature and approval. Takes you to Status Change Histories. 

CSV export available

Days Since Application Signed

Table with clickable numbers of applications signed in 0-30 days, 31-60 days, etc. Also broken down by family type; Relative/NREFM vs Community.

Numbers are clickable.

Days Since Placement

Table showing families with placement, no placement, or unknown placement.

If there is a placement in the home, this is broken down by days since placement: <31 days, 31-60 days, etc. 

Numbers are clickable.


Data here reflect agency staff’s use of Binti for Case Notes and Agency Forms. It also shows the percentage of applicants with online access and what percentage of their requirements are being completed online. This number reflects 30 days from the date the report is run. (rolling 30 days)

CSV export available

Family Map

This is a map of the US showing pin marks for every family - hover and click on a pin to see further information about the family. 

Be sure to use the Add Filter button here to drill down on the different family status; such as Recruiting, Applying, and Approved.

You can click on pins to show family data and you can also overlay county lines.  (Green = applying, Yellow = approved, Purple = recruiting)

*For a family to appear on the Heat Map, their address must be completed on the Edit Application page.

Status Changes

Line graph that shows status changes that occurred each month. Quickly identify how many families signed their application in a particular month, or how many families were approved in a particular month. 

Numbers are clickable.

Status Change Reasons

Bar Chart showing the reasons why families dropped out, withdrew, or were denied. 

CSV export available

Time to Approval

Line graph, scatter graph, and data table displaying the length of the approval process. 

There are three views: days between signature and approval, days between placement and approval, and days between inquiry and approval.

CSV export available

My Requested Reports

Most reports generate rather quickly; however, if you are pulling a large CSV it may take many minutes or longer, in which case Binti will send you an email when your report is ready and you can come here to find it
Status Change Histories

Defaults to previous month.  Shows applicant name, Status Change By, Workers Assigned, Status and Date/Time Columns. 

CSV export available


Additional Approvals Reports 

Note: You can ‘Add Filter’ for many of these reports to take a closer look at specific data.

Barriers to Approval Bar chart of good cause reasons (the barriers to families being approved by 90-days). Now with Date Filter so you can search by months.

California Quarterly Report

Please make sure to check out the California Quarterly Guide

All information presented here is additional information that may not be clearly covered in the above linked guide.

  • The report will default to the most recently completed quarter
    • January 1st to March 31st
    • April 1st to June 30th
    • July 1st to September 30th
    • October 1st to December 31st
  • What is reported on the Binti 181 report?
    • If the withdraw reason is set as any other option, these families will be counted as “Other” in Part A, Line 3, Section E.
    • Pending cases are cases where the applicant(s) has signed the RFA 01A and the case has not been approved, denied, or withdrawn.
    • Resolved cases are any cases where the RFA 01A has been signed, and the case has been approved, denied, or withdrawn.
    • Inactive cases are counted in the total number of resource family homes
    • Conversion homes are not counted in the total number of resource family homes
    • Cases that were withdrawn with the withdraw reason set as “Caregiver chose to withdraw themselves” are the only cases counted as “Withdrawn” in Part A, Line 3, Section C
  • What about transfers and ports?
    • We’re not accounting for these families separately on the 181 report at this time
    • Binti does count these as resource family homes in the total number of resource family homes, so please consider these families when reconciling our report.
    • Families received post-approval - we cannot intake families onto a renewal template, so these families will likely need to be taken into consideration as an adjustment when reconciling our report.
  • Adjustments/continuity between quarters
    • The report should be consistent with the following information:
      • The section in Part A > Line 1 for the current quarter
    • Our report allows for adjustments - this is usually backdated information

Should match

  • The section in Part A > Line 4 for the previous quarter
  • What does Binti mean by “Suspicious Applications?”
    • Were historical information added into Binti (backdated)
    • Have been merged by Binti’s Customer Support team
    • Status changes that have made an application go from a pending to resolved case
      • Ex: an application goes from Applying > Withdrawn > back to Applying
      • Ex: an application goes from Withdrawn > Applying > back to withdrawn
    • Any applications that make the above sections’ numbers inconsistent between quarters will appear for your review under the Suspicious Applications section on the report 
    • Applications/cases may be considered suspicious if they 

CSV export available

Good Causes

Three tabs: one showing unspecified good causes (those with reasons unanswered in Binti), one showing specified good causes (those with reasons entered in Binti), and one showing the total of the previous two tabs.

A family who needs a good cause recorded will have a small blue triangle on the dashboard.  


Or, you can answer the good cause reason from the Good Cause report page by clicking on Actions > Edit good cause    

CSV export available

Conversions Processed

Table showing total Conversions by status; eligible, applying, or approved. Also showing by breakdown of family type; relative, community, etc.


Good Causes & Barriers to Approval Demo


Download CSV (excel sheet)

From your dashboard (any screen other than your home page), you will see a Download CSV at the bottom of each of your Binti pages.  If you click on Download CSV, it will download all the data from the that dashboard into an excel sheet.  (This is a download of all the data from the dashboard you are on (not page).  For instance, if you are on the Applying dashboard & see Applying (80) in the tab, at the bottom of your page above Download CSV you will see Displaying 1 - 20 of 80 and the CSV will pull data for all 80 even though from your current page you're only seeing 20.)

If you see Request CSV the request will be automatically sent to the Binti Engineering team to create the CSV because the data range is too large for Binti to automatically download the data.  When your CSV is ready, you will receive notification.


What if I'm not interested in seeing all the data from the dashboard in my CSV (excel sheet)?

From your dashboard (any screen other than your home page), you will see a Hide Columns button to the far right.  If you click on that, it will open a list of the columns for the page you are on.  If you're not interested seeing a column on the dashboard or in a CSV (excel sheet) you can uncheck the column(s).  You'll then see your dashboard automatically remove those columns from your view & when you select Download CSV at the bottom of your page, the excel sheet won't have those columns. **Just remember if you want to view those columns again, you'll want to click on the Hide Columns button again and re-check those boxes in the column's list.



Is there a way to find out if I have received any NEW referrals for this week?

In addition to checking your email notifications, you can go to Applications (top blue tool bar) > Applications > Add Filters > More Filters > Date worker assigned > add From & To Dates > Filter > see ALL tab.


Is it possible to be sent my caseload from a previous date?

Go to Applications (top blue tool bar) > Applications > Add Filters > My Cases (top button) or add filter Worker Assigned with All Cases selected (top button) > More Filters > Date worker assigned > add From & To Dates > Filter > see ALL tab.


Placements Reports

Note: You can ‘Add Filter’ for many of these reports to take a closer look at specific data.

Child Referral Demographics Bar graph and table showing placement of children in community home, private agency home, or group home. Change tabs to see information broken down by gender, ethnicity, and age. Referring agency information must be added on child information page (under Edit Child > Agency) and placement search must be added for child in order for information to be populated on this report.
Sibling Placement

Pie chart and list of children placed with all of their siblings, some of their siblings, or none of their siblings.

This is followed by a list of the child’s name, sibling name, who they were placed with, placement availability and other siblings in placement. 

Names are clickable

CSV export available 

Time in Home

List of children and how long each placement episode occurred. Filter for a particular child to see all placement episodes. (names are clickable)

CSV export available 

Time to Placement

Table showing how long (how many days) it took to secure placement for a child - and which placement types were contacted: county homes, private agency homes, group homes. 

CSV export available

Eligibility Report

A list, pre-filtered for a one-month range, showing a child’s placement and if the placement was Therapeutic Care. 

CSV export available

Placement Case Loads

Open placement searches according to assigned worker, and how many placements each worker secured each month. Also shows unassigned cases. 

CSV export available

Family Contact Report

Table displaying last contact with the family/agency. Also shows the number of calls made regarding a potential placement in the past 12 months, and how many times they said ‘yes’ to placement. 

Use this to track families you may not be reaching out to frequently, or families who may need their preferences updated so that placement matches are more likely. 

CSV export available

Family Preference Utilization Report

Table listing all families and the date their preferences were most recently updated, and by which worker. 

CSV export available




Other Reports

It's important to note that you can also download data anywhere on the site that shows a link to "Download CSV" in the bottom center of the page.

One of the most useful of these downloadable reports is found under Applications, where you can download all data for all applicants listed in any of the statuses listed at the top of the dashboard (i.e. Recruiting, Applying, In Renewal Process, etc).


The CSV file will include everything available on the dashboard, plus additional information including the contact information for the applicants.


Reports Overview (Video)


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