Email Campaigns/Bulk Emails

What are email campaigns?

Email campaigns, also known as bulk emails, allow agencies to send mass communications via email to caregivers using the Licensing module. These campaigns can be directed to caregivers depending on their status in Binti and primary language. Messages can contain styled text, images, and attached files.

Who can send an email campaign?

Only Agency Admins may send an email campaign. Please note that this does not include Approvals Admins. If you do not see Email Campaigns in the "Agency Tools" menu, you do not have permissions to send an email campaign.

  • If you are an Agency Admin and do not see the capability to send an email campaign, please contact Binti Support.
  • If you are not an Agency Admin, contact your leadership for assistance in creating an email campaign. If you are not sure who to contact at your agency, Binti Support can provide you with that information. 

How do I create an email campaign?

Complete the following steps to create an email campaign:

  1. In the navigation bar, select Agency Tools > Email Campaigns
  2. Click "Create Email" in the top right corner of the page
  3. Select which caregivers should receive the message based on status and primary language
  4. Enter a subject, content, and Reply-To email for the message
  5. Agree to terms for the email tool (check each box)
  6. Click "Send test email" to review for errors
  7. Click "Send email" to send final version

The following interactive walkthrough provides a step-by-step overview of how to create an email campaign.

What is the "subject"?

The subject is a brief, informative phrase that summarizes the content or purpose of the email campaign. The subject will influence whether caregivers decide to open and read it. Here are some tips for creating a good subject:

  • Be concise: Keep your subject line short and to the point, ideally seven or fewer words.
  • Inspire action: Phrases like "Learn more," or "Register today" can be compelling.
  • Use clear language: Ensure understanding by avoiding acronyms and abbreviations.

How do I use the content editor?

The email campaign content editor allows you to style text, add images, and include file attachments in your message. Refer to the following table to learn more about its functionality.

Menu/Icon Name Description
Text formatting menu.png Text size Modify text size in your message
Bold text icon.png Bold Bold your text
Italic text icon.png Italic Italicize text
Underline text icon.png Underline Underline text
Strikethrough text icon.png Strikethrough Cross out text
Blockquote icon.png Blockquote Emphasize quotations in your message
Numbered list icon.png Numbered list
  1. Add a numbered list
Unordered list icon.png Bullet list
  • Add a bulleted list
Decrease indent icon.png Decrease indent Decrease the indentation of text/lists
Increase indent icon.png Increase indent Increase the indentation of text/lists
Add link icon.png Add Hyperlink  Add a hyperlink to your text
Add image icon.png Add Image Add an image to your message

Add attachment icon.png

Add Attachment Add a file attachment to your message 

Remove formatting icon.png

Clear Formatting Remove all text formatting including: bold, italic, underline, strikethrough, lists, blockquote, and hyperlinks


What is the "reply-to email address"?

By default, all email campaigns are sent from "" but with your agency's personalized branding. If a recipient of the email replies to the message, the Reply-To email address specifies where their response should be directed. For instance, if you're sending an email regarding a training opportunity, the Reply-To email might be set to the email address of the person who is coordinating the training.

Can I send an email campaign to specific caregivers?

Currently, the email campaign feature sends messages to all caregivers in a particular status (Recruiting, Applying, In Renewal Process, etc.). It is not possible to choose specific caregivers to receive a message; it will be sent to everyone in the selected status.

Can I send an email campaign in multiple languages?

Yes, you can send an email campaign in multiple languages; however, they must be sent separately. Using the language selector on the "Create Email" page, you can choose the primary language of caregivers for each message. 

How are email campaigns documented in Binti?

The Email Campaigns page displays a record of all previous email campaigns. Additionally, email campaigns are automatically documented in the case notes for each caregiver who received the message.

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