How do I add a complaint?

New complaints can be entered by navigating to the Complaints tab in the blue ribbon, then selecting “New Complaint”. The required fields are marked with a red asterisk under basic information. 


Allegations can be added to the complaints requiring the type, description and finding status. 


You can indicate a Response now, and edit later once Resolved. Explanations can also be added to provide more insight.


Once the necessary information has been entered the final step would be to submit the complaint by clicking the "Create Complaint" button.



How do I find a logged complaint?

Complaints can be found by navigating to the Complaints tab then selecting “Complaint Log.”




The Complaint tabs allow you to view unresolved, resolved, and all complaints filed for your agency. 

 From there you may select “Actions” these allow you to Edit/Delete the complaint or navigate directly to the Case Notes page.


Complaints from Placements Dashboard


Complaints being investigated & substantiated, show up on the placement module. This feature allows staff to be aware of complaints when looking for placements. By clicking the hyperlink you will be redirected to the complaint dashboard for the placement. 





How do I filter for complaints from the Placements Dashboard?


Placements with an allegation in progress can be viewed from the Placements Dashboard. The Add filter button allows you to filter by families with an active or substantiated allegation progress.


From the dashboard the allegations and their status can be seen under the training hours of the "Availability / Capacity" column. From there the hyperlink (blue text) allows you to navigate directly to the logged complaint for that specific placement. Below are images of an allegation in process and one that has been substantiated. 




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