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Confidential Families



Certain resource families merit additional sensitivity. These families may be employees of the licensing agency or related agencies (law enforcement, juvenile probation, etc.), connected to a high-profile placement, or celebrities. Binti’s confidential families feature allows these resource families to be designated “confidential,” which limits the users who can see them.


Designating a Family as “Confidential”

Any resource family can be designated “confidential” on the Intake Family or Edit Application page:



Users have the ability to mark a family as confidential and it is possible for users to unintentionally remove their access to a confidential family. Therefore there is a warning message after the confidential family box has been checked as shown below that generates when the option is selected.





After a user checks the “Applicant(s) should be considered confidential” box, the user must select a reason for this designation as shown below:



Please note that selecting "other" as an option will allow you to specify the reason the applicant is being designated as confidential. After the user makes this selection and clicks the blue “Update Application” button, the family will now be designated as “confidential.”


This action is tracked on the Applicant Data page:



Confidential Families are only visible to a limited number of users:

  • Agency Admin
  • Caseworkers assigned to the family
  • Supervisors of caseworkers assigned to the family
  • Users with API capabilities
  • Binti Employees

These users are able to view, access, and edit confidential families as they would any other family. However, whenever any of these users is accessing any page that contains a confidential family, Binti will display a confidentiality notice at the top of the page and a confidentiality notice on the confidential record as seen below:




A filter on the Applications dashboard allows users to filter based on the confidential designation. Users with access to confidential families may want to identify those families and/or to exclude them from certain pages or reports. Therefore, we've added the ability to filter for those families accordingly:




In the Placements module, if a child is placed with a confidential family, the child is still accessible but the name of the confidential family is hidden if the user does not have access to that family.










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