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Pre-Approval Placements



We are aware that sometimes Licensing/Approval workers need to make placements of children with relatives/kin before those families are actually approved. Previously we had a workflow to handle this via the "Edit Application" page. We have moved that workflow off of "Edit Application" onto a new standalone page. 



One important note: The purpose of this feature is to record placements that were made before applicants were approved. This feature should not be used to record placements after the applicant was approved. To record placements after approval, please use Binti’s Placements Module. In the event that your agency currently does not support the Placement's module please reach out to your account manager for further information.


Initial placement:

  • Intake a new family
  • The status of application needs to be in "Applying" or it won't allow you to click on the button "Make a pre-approval placement"
  • After submitting, see that you are on the Pre-approval placement page
  • If there is no pre-approval placement to make, answer “No” to the first question
  • If there is a pre-approval placement to make, you can add the child or intake a new child, then place them (as shown below)
  • Add more children if there are more than one child in this home by selecting "add another child"


After initial placement:

  • You can reach this page again by navigating from the "Edit Application" page or "Applicant Data page." There is a button at the top of the page for “Pre-Approval Placements”
  • You can edit the existing placement by clicking “Edit” on the placement history table of this page. 

Below is a screenshot of where the button is located on the Applicant Data page:




Helpful reminders regarding the Applications Dashboard:

  • If you did not answer the very first question on the Pre-approval placement page, there should be a call to action on the Applications dashboard in the “Days Since Child Placed” column. It is a link that says “Complete pre-approval placement information” and will take you directly back to the page. 
  • If you answered "no" to the first question, or answered "yes", but never made a placement, the page will show “No child”
  • If you make a placement for the child it will show the number of days since the placement. 








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