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What is a renewal application?

When an Initial Application is approved it automatically produces a Renewal Application in Binti. The Renewal Application will house Documents and Agency Forms required for a renewal of their license. The Training Logs will also have new training requirements according to your Agency's curriculum.

This Renewal Application will not house any documents from the Initial Application. If you are in the Renewal and you need to find the Documents for a previous application please review the Documents and Agency Forms article. Click here to be directed to the specific location of the article where this question is answered.

How do I approve or complete a renewal/update/recertification?

Once all renewal requirements have been completed, including training hours, applicant and agency forms and supporting documents, and any other requirements, you’ll need to approve the renewal in Binti.

Approving a renewal record is important because this will

  1. Allow you to have a history of when the renewal review was completed

  2. Generate all new requirements for the next renewal cycle

From the family’s digital file, click into the View/Change Application Status section.

Update the family’s status from “In Renewal Process” to “Approved”, and the Approved Date and Next Renewal Date will appear with auto-filled in data. Make sure those dates are accurate, and then click on Update status to save any changes and the status update.

As long as all renewal requirements were completed, the home will have that renewal cycle approval in its history, and will have generated a new renewal file in Binti for the same home.

Please note that Binti will not allow you to approve a renewal unless all listed requirements are complete.

To find the history of previous approvals, including both the initial approval and subsequent renewal cycles, go into the Applicant Data page and find the “Other applications for this family” section.


I added a co-applicant to a renewal application. Where are their initial requirements?

When a co-applicant is added to a home when the home is already approved and in renewal status, Binti does populate initial requirements. When a co-applicant is added to a home in renewal process, their initial/pre-approval requirements should be completed outside of Binti and uploaded to the Other/Miscellaneous section on the Documents page.

I just approved a renewal, but it still appears under "In Renewal Process" in the Applications Dashboard.

When a renewal application is approved, a new renewal application is automatically generated immediately after the approval.

Please check the newest renewal's Application History to confirm whether this could be the new renewal application that generated after the approval.

You can review Application history by going into Actions > Applicant Data > scroll down to Application History and look for the phrase "Created via spawned_from_renewal" (this means that this application generated off of an approved renewal application).

The date in the "Date Changed" column in that same row should read the date that the previous application was approved. That's how you'll know that this is a NEW renewal application, and different from the one that you've just approved.



I need to change the Renewal Due Date in the Application Dashboard

When a renewal application is approved, a new renewal application is automatically generated immediately after the approval, and is usually set with a Renewal Due Date for one or two years later. If you need to change the Renewal Due Date follow the process below.

1) Ensure that you have the permission "Can Change Application Status" enabled on your account. If you do not have this permission ask your supervisor or someone who has this permission to follow the steps below.

2) Go to Edit Application of the Application you desire to change the Renewal Due Date in.

3) Locate "Due date of current application" in the Application Data box.


4) Change to desired date and click the blue Update Application button at the bottom of the page.

Note: Please make sure you are not editing the renewal due date when you mean to be approving the renewal. An edit to the renewal due date is not the same as approving a renewal, and will not generate new requirements for the home.


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