Case Management

Case management child requirements is an easily accessible page in Binti that records and tracks all the forms overdue or due in the next two months for a child. Caseworkers and supervisors can view these forms, fill them out online or upload them, and sign them directly online. 


Note: A case management requirement is either an online form that a caseworker can fill out via Binti OR an upload that a caseworker can upload directly to Binti. Usually child requirements are the set of forms that a case worker needs to fill out for a child or family while a child is experiencing foster care. 


A case management requirement is similar to an approval requirement - as they are something that need to be filled out by a user by a certain date. Case management requirements are filled out by a case worker rather than an applicant. 


What are schedules? 

  • Children will be assigned to different schedules (which consist of different forms/requirements) based on their level of care, program and/or age
    • Date of placement - date when any placement starts (for all placements except respite placements) 
    • Date of admission - date when the first placement starts (this includes respite placements)
    • Discharge date - date child is discharged from a placement 
    • Date child joined agency - date child joined the agency
    • Date program started - date program started for a child
    • These schedules can be due daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or be one time
    • These schedules can be triggered by different events such as:


How do I view a requirement? - these are based off of the schedule

From the Child/Youth Dashboard locate the child and use the Actions button to select Requirements. 



Below is a view of the Requirements page with two examples of requirements and their due dates for a specific child. Documents as shown below can also be added by selecting "Miscellaneous Document" when creating an Ad Hoc Event. 


Case workers or supervisors can do a variety of different actions when using child requirements including the following:

  • See a list of forms/requirements that are overdue and due soon in Binti for each child
  • Click on a form to fill out online via the Binti portal
  • Upload and/or drag or drop a document for that requirement
  • Sign a form using Bintisign and request a supervisor signature
  • Can add a form or upload a requirement ad-hoc (i.e. if a child goes to the ER)


How do I waive a requirement?

We allow agencies to configure which reasons to waive requirements, input a comment to why the waiver was signed, and attribute a date to the waiver. Then users can also delete that particular waiver directly from child requirements.

Once a requirement is waived, users can see which requirements have been waived, who waived the requirement, and the reason why the requirement was waived. Agency admins can also update the waiver and/or delete it.



How do I add an Ad Hoc event?

Ad Hoc Events can be added via the actions tab for the specific child/youth or from the child's Requirements page.



After selecting the event type the date and due date are required prior to submitting the event. The form due date field pre-populates the last day of the current month. (It has been cleared for the screenshot below) Once the required fields are completed save by selecting the blue "Create Ad Hoc Event" button.





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