Family Finding Searches Dashboard

What is the Family Finding Searches dashboard?

The Family Finding Searches dashboard provides an overview of open and closed Family Finding Searches and the option to create a new search. Depending on level of access, this dashboard will either display agency-wide searches or assigned searches only.

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How do I access the Family Finding Searches dashboard?

The Family Finding Searches dashboard can be access in three ways:

  1. From any page, select Family Finding Searches from the Children & Youth menu in the navigation bar.  
  2. From the Edit Child page, click the "Family Finding Searches for This Child" button in the top right corner.
  3. From the Child Data page, click the "Family Finding Searches for This Child" button in the top right corner.

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Children & Youth menu

Button on Edit Child and Child Data pages


What information does the Family Finding Searches dashboard display?

The Family Finding Searches dashboard displays information about each Family Finding search that has been initiated. The following columns are visible on this page:

Column Purpose
Child Name of child with a family finding search. This column is hyperlinked to the Relationships Dashboard and Contact Log.
Start Date Date when a family finding search was initiated.
Length of Search Number of days elapsed since the start of a family finding search.
Total Contacts Attempted/Completed Provides information on the total number of attempts made to contact potential connections, as well as the number of successful contacts.
Unique Connections Contacted Indicates the number of distinct potential connections that have been contacted during the search.
Unique Connections Successfully Engaged Reflects the number of distinct connections that were successfully engaged or responded during the family finding search.
Worker Assignment Displays the worker assigned to conduct the family finding search.
Actions Drop-down menu providing the following options: Edit Search, Delete Search, Add Connection, View Relationships Dashboard, Record a Contact.


How can I sort or filter information on the Family Finding Searches dashboard?

Any column with carrots (2024-01-26 14.50.26 3d4bd09693e6.png) can be sorted A-to-Z or Z-to-A. There are also four filters available which can tailor the information displayed.

Child Name
Filter for a child by name.
Opened After
Filter for searches opened after a specified date.
Opened Before
Filter for searches opened before a specified date.
Worker Assigned
Filter for searches assigned to a particular worker.

How do I create a new Family Finding search?

Click "Create New Search" to initiate a new Family Finding search. For more information about the creating a search, refer to Create/Manage Family Finding Search.

Who has access to the Family Finding Searches dashboard?

Agency workers with a role that provides access to the Family Finding module can see this page. Admins have access to all open searches at an agency and individual agency workers can be granted either view all or view assigned only permission.


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