Create/Manage Family Finding Search

Who has access to create a Family Finding search?

Agency workers with Admin or All Child Access will be able to create a Family Finding search. Agency workers with Assigned Child Access may only edit or delete a search.

How do I create a Family Finding Search?

Click "Create New Search" on the Family Finding Searches dashboard to initiate a new Family Finding search. You will be guided through the information necessary to create a new search.

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What information do I need to create a Family Finding search?

Step 1: Child Information 

Input the name(s) of the child(ren) or youth for whom you would like to create a search on this page. You can enter multiple children at once, whether they are related or not. Each child, regardless of their relationship, will have a separate search initiated for them.

Searches for multiple children use the same start date and worker assigned. If you need different start dates or workers assigned, you must create searches separately.

This section also allows for the intake of new child(ren) and youth. Follow these steps to complete an intake:

  1. Type at least three letters of a child or youth's name.
  2. Confirm a record for the child or youth does not exist.
  3. Click "Intake Child or Youth".
  4. Enter required information the Intake Child or Youth page.
  5. Click submit.

You will then be automatically redirected back to your search with the new child or youth pre-selected.

Step 2: Add Sibling Relationships

Note: This step only appears when adding multiple children at one time.

This page is used to indicate is the children entered are siblings. If yes, the following information is collected. Please note that Binti does not define the terms below, it is up to your agency to determine how each option should be used.

Parental Lineage
Maternal, Paternal, or Parental (Non-binary)
Lineage Type
Biological, adopted, step, half, marriage/affinity, alleged, presumed, unknown
Emotional Relationship
Close, cordial, distant, contentious, no prior interaction

Step 3: Family Finding Search Information

This page is used to select a start date for the search and workers assigned. Start dates can occur in the past, but may not be set in the future.

How do I end an Family Finding search?

Once you have completed your search, click the three dots (action dots.png)and select "Edit Search". Enter an end date and click "Submit". 

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Can I conduct multiple Family Finding searches?

Yes, it is possible to conduct multiple searches at once. To open an additional search, follow the same process to create a new search as listed above. When opening additional searches, Binti will display a notice informing you that existing searches exist. You may dismiss this notice to continue creating a new search.

How do I edit a Family Finding search?

Under the Actions column, click the three dots (action dots.png)and select "Edit Search". You will be able modify the start date, add an end date, or modify workers assigned.

How do I delete a Family Finding search?

Under the Actions column, click the three dots (action dots.png)and select "Delete Search". A pop-up will appear to confirm your selection. Click "Delete" to confirm. 

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