Contact Logs (Family Finding & Engagement)

In the Family Finding & Engagement module, Contact Logs organize the communications related to an active family finding search. Contacts can be associated with previously saved connections or with individuals without a formal connection in Binti. 

How do I access contact logs?

Contact logs can be accessed via the Relationships dashboard. A tab at the top of the dashboard will allow you to toggle between Relationships and Contact Logs.

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How do I record a new contact?

There are two ways to record a new contact:

  1. On the Family Finding Searches dashboard, click the three dots (action dots.png) under the Actions column and select "Record a Contact". 
  2. Navigate to the Relationships dashboard, use the tabs to toggle to Contact Logs and click "Record New Contact".

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On the Family Finding Searches dashboard, select "Record a Contact" under Actions On the Relationships dashboard,
click "Record New Contact"


What details can I add to a contact log?

Detail Purpose
Person(s) Contacted The person this contact log relates to. This list populates with existing connections in Binti.
Others Contacted The person this contact log relates to. This is an open-text field for connections that do not exist in Binti because they are a one-time connection or do not have a significant relationship with the child.
On Behalf Of The child that this contact is being made about. Defaults to an individual child, but siblings can be added.
Date Contacted Date that the contact occurred. The date may be today or in the past.
Time Contacted Time of day that the contact occurred.
Contact Method How the contact was made: in person, phone call, direct mail, email, or text.
Notes Open-text field for adding notes about the contact.
Relationship Details When a contact is made with a connection in Binti, options to modify relationship details appear. This includes relationship category and description, parental lineage, lineage type, emotional relationship, placement option, level of support, and additional details.

How do I edit or delete a contact log?

Contact logs can only be edited or deleted by the agency worker who authored the log. To edit or delete a log, click the three dots (action dots.png) under Actions, then select edit or delete. If you need to delete a contact log authored by another agency worker, please contact Customer Support.

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