Relationships Dashboard

The Relationships dashboard displays all known connections to a child. It allows you to add, view, edit, and delete connections. It also provides access to the Contact Logs for that child.

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How do I access the Relationships dashboard?

There are two ways to access the Relationships dashboard:

Method 1 Method 2
  1. Click on the name of a child on the Family Finding Searches dashboard.
  1. Under actions, click the three dots (action dots.png) and select "View Relationships Dashboard".
  2. Child Data, Edit Child
  3. Child & Youth Dashboard > Actions


What information does the Relationships dashboard display?

The Relationships dashboard displays the following columns. 

Name of the child or youth.
Relationship Description
Describes the nature of the relationship between the child or youth and connection. Examples include mother, father, sibling, etc.
Contact Status
Indicates if this connection has been contacted by the agency.
Level of Support
Lists the ways in which a connection is willing or able to support a child or youth.
Placement Option
Indicates if a connection is placement option for a child or youth.
Emotional Relationship
Indicates the nature of the emotional relationship between a connection and a child or youth. Options include: close, cordial, contentious, distant, or no prior interaction.

How can I sort and filter the Relationships dashboard?

Any column with carrots (2024-01-26 14.50.26 3d4bd09693e6.png) can be sorted from A-to-Z and Z-to-A. There are also five filters available: connection name, relationship type, levels of support, placement options, and emotional relationship status.

Can I export data about relationships?

Yes, a Download CSV button at the bottom of the page allows you to export data about relationships.

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